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 	 New Releases & Continuing EducationContinuing Education - 133 Videos

This category contains the content from the Monthly Staff Training Resource on CD or DVD. You will find new and relevant information that will keep your staff up to date on current veterinary information. We will continue to add interesting and valuable online only content to this category on a regular basis.

Receptionist TrainingReceptionist Training  - 57 Videos

Communicating with clients effectively is essential to the success of your practice. Everyone on your team can benefit from learning the skills taught in this section. Individual progress reports and testing allow for ACT receptionist certification. View numerous free samples to learn what a great value this could be in your hospital.

Veterinary TechnicianVeterinary Technician  - 55 Videos

These videos provide a valuable review of clinical procedures for licensed and experienced technicians. By completing all the videos and the test within this section, the technician will receive 5 hours of continuing education credit.

Veterinary AssistantVeterinary Assistant  - 199 Videos

Veterinary Assistant Training is designed to familiarize new assistants and other hospital staff with the myriad of procedures performed daily in the animal hospital. There are two veterinary assistant levels with corresponding tests contained in this section.

Kennel Assistant TrainingKennel Assistant Training  - 60 Videos

Basic animal care skills from proper animal handling to proper cleaning procedures are taught in this section. Completing all of the videos, review questions and successfully passing the test questions leads to ACT certification. View numerous free samples to learn what a great value this could be in your hospital.

Large AnimalLarge Animal - 79 Videos

This set of videos provides clear and concise training on many of the procedures that staff must master when working with horses and cattle. This large animal option can be activated either by itself ($49 per month) or along with the small animal series ($29 per month additional).

Management TrainingManagement Training  - 79 Videos

Managing a veterinary hospital requires specialized skills that are taught in this section by leading experts. Topics include everything from understanding financial statements to hiring or firing employees. This program leads to ACT manager certification.

Client EducationClient Education  - 46 Videos

This collection of videos answers two dozen questions most commonly asked by clients. You may choose to let clients use them inter-actively while waiting in an exam room, or use them to train your staff.

Practice TipsPractice Tips  - 42 Videos

These short practice tips from dozens of industry leaders provide stimulating ideas on how to improve your practice. Bring the leading consultants into your practice with this amazing resource.

Products and ResourcesProducts and Resources

Learning about the many products and services available within the veterinary hospital is an essential part of meeting the health needs of the animals under your care. This section contains video overviews and web-links to many of the products and companies in the industry.

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