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cvalogoThere is an initial sign-up fee of $249, which allows the hospital unlimited access to the CVA training templates for up to 20 staff members/users, and entitles two users to sit for the CVA certification exam. Additional users may also sit for the CVA certification exam for $125 each. Retesting is available for $35 per test.

There is also a monthly fee of $59 ($49 for TVMA members) that is required to maintain online access to all CVA course materials, as well as full use of the ACT online training program, which includes more than 400 ACT videos (with more than 25 hours of approved CE), as well as testing and reporting features.

Included in the monthly fee is ProgressTracker – ACT’s new online feature that gives your hospital the ability to develop its own online training programs by utilizing ACT videos and allowing the incorporation of a variety of other materials such as PowerPoint files, web links, Word Documents, JPEGs, PDF documents, etc. into a fully customizable training template.

There are no additional fees beyond those outlined above and there is no long-term contract required. Your online account may be cancelled at anytime; however, canceling your monthly online subscription will result in the loss of current progress records and may necessitate repetition of previous coursework should the account be reactivated at a later date.

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