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Two great options to get your clients talking! ...and to make sure you are listening when they do!


photo-measureVSmart is an automated system that follows up with your clients, based on the reason for their visit, reporting to you if they were completely satisfied with the service and value provided, which providers they saw, and whether or not all of their needs were met and questions answered. You will be immediately alerted to any responses on which you need to take quick action.

VSmart will also provide you with composite survey statistics, national benchmarks, and hundreds of client testimonials to post to your website, bring to staff meetings and training sessions. And best of all, this system drives satisfied clients to post positive online reviews on major sites like Google +, Yahoo, Yelp, and Yellowpages.com.

Strengthening your relationships through VSmart is the most effective way to protect your reputation. VSmart makes it easy, automated, and affordable! To find out more or to sign up visit VSmart.4ACT.com.


Interested in a great survey program but you don’t want to use our Online Review Builder?

VSurv is an innovative tool that integrates with all leading veterinary practice management software to measure customer satisfaction by soliciting feedback from your clients. VSurv makes the task of surveying your clients easy and automated, allowing you time to routinely monitor what your clients think in order to improve your practice and boost their satisfaction.

VSurv automatically sends a personalized "Thank You" email to your clients within 24 hours of their visit to your hospital. This email contains a request to participate in an online survey, to which 30% of clients respond. Using customizable reports and real-time alerts, VSurv provides you with information that is invaluable in managing the issues that matter to your clients.

To find out more or to sign up visit VSurv.com.

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